About Us

Customer Focused

The Cable Gold team understands what it means to be a home or business owner and are dedicated to working with customers to ensure that every job is done to the highest standards. From our first knock on the door to our final quality assurance check our knowledgeable technicians understand the importance of clear communication and getting the job done right. We stand behind our work every time, on every site.

Team of Professionals

Cable Gold Inc. is proud to have a team of highly qualified professionals leading every project. Our technicians have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and are able to handle projects of any size. From the smallest site to the largest, we’ve got you covered.

Safety First

At Cable Gold Inc. the safety of our team and everyone on site is our number one priority. Up-to-date safety training, regular safety courses and daily tool-box meetings are standard practice for our team of experts. Our outstanding safety record speaks for itself.

The Cable Gold Edge

Proudly Canadian Industry Leaders

Cable Gold Group of Companies are proud to be a Canadian owned and operated corporation in a diverse range of fields, such as Telecommunications, Civil construction, Electrical Engineering, Horizontal directional drilling, hydro vac excavation, Mining and Project Management.

Cable Gold Group of Companies has a proven ability to deliver high quality projects across the Globe. We have extensive experience with large scale projects across North America, West Africa, and diverse worldwide locations.

However, we are mainly operating in Western Canada, Cable Gold is an industry leader positioned to take on diverse projects from short utility bores to major engineered Crossings. We are the experts you need to plan and execute your directional drilling and Engineering projects safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Cable Gold is a global technological company with more than a decade of leadership experiences in telecommunications, civil engineering, mining and Technology integration. Our goals and objectives are to provide our clients with the very best quality of technical expertise along with an exceptional customer service.

List of the relevant equipment available to Cable Gold Inc. for Horizontal Directional Drilling in 2021 are:

Our fleet of 18 Drills

JT 10 Ditch Witch2020 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
JT 5. Ditch Witch2020 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vemeer 23 x 302020 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vemeer D23 x 302017 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vemeer 8 x 122018 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vemeer 8 x 122019 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
JT 10 Ditch Witch ( x2)2015 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vermeer 36×50 (x4)2017 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vermeer 20×22 (x3)2017 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Vermeer 9×13 (x3)2020 – Owner Cable Gold Inc

Our fleet of 9 Hydro Vacs

Fx 60 Ditch Witch Hydro Vac2020 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Tri-Axle Tornado Hydro Vac. (two)2019 – Owner Cable Gold Inc
Tri-Axle Kenworth Hydro Vac. (Six)2017 – Owner Cable Gold Inc

Our fleet of 2 Water Trucks

Tri-Peterbilt Water Trucks (Two)2019 – Owner Cable Gold Inc

A history of continual improvement.

Cable Gold Inc. was established in 2009 to solve technology challenges for today’s business and organizations. We are committed to providing clients with the most advanced and powerful communications and security solutions available, handling all stages of a project from start to finish.

Cable Gold Inc. was found by Joshua Awume in 2009. Cable Gold Group of Companies went from a small start-up to an industry leader in Western Canada. After six years working for AFL Global, Ledcor, Rogers, Xplore Inc, Bell and AngloGold Ashanti in west Africa Ghana. Mr. Awume boldly decided to create a company with a vision of excellence in telecommunications, Engineering and Mining. Built on a foundation of high-quality services and a client focused attitude Cable Gold is now leading the way on projects across North American and African.