Industrial Wireless Solutions

Gold Cable Consulting our Subsidiary (Cable Gold Group of companies) offers the expertise of its world-class consultants to evaluate the feasibility of offshore mobile projects

We start with a conceptual study by analyzing the resources and process using our unique knowledge to conceptualize the project and preparing realistic capital and operations costs in order to generate project economic evaluations investors can depend on with high levels of confidence. The project may advance to a comprehensive, bankable feasibility study which delivers a more in-depth evaluation and financial viability of the project.

Mobile Solutions for Offshore Mining

The mining sector is continuing to enhance its communications and monitoring infrastructure in order to increase safety, fulfil new regulatory standards, and maximise profitability. Fiber optic systems are being viewed by mining firms as a cost-effective network choice that will deliver world-class communications solutions as well as other benefits such as increased bandwidth for real-time voice and data transmission.

The Solutions

Mine owners are looking for ways to leverage the capacity, capability, and cost of fibre optic systems to measure, monitor air exchange and communicate in real-time while investing in newer information technology infrastructures to meet the requirements of the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act.

Cable Gold collaborates closely with mine maintenance and repair system integrators, providing them with everything they need to clean, inspect, repair, splice, and test mine fibre optic networks.

Cable Gold network testing specialists routinely conduct scientifically controlled tests of network performance around the world. We’ve conducted tests at a variety of levels and venues from national to regional, from highways to shopping centers, and from sporting events to public transportation. We measure and evaluate network performance by conducting controlled, scientific tests combined with consumer research. We test indoors, outdoors, at venues, on roads – everywhere consumers use their device, everywhere consumers live, work and play. Our services are available worldwide.

Cable Gold utilizes big data techniques to intelligently sift through layers and volumes of test data. As a result, deep analyses of network performance can be quickly conducted and presented in meaningful ways.