Horizontal Directional Drilling

Cable Gold Inc is a Canadian based company with a drilling division specialising in rock and normal soil horizontal directional drilling (HDD). We opened our doors in 2009 in response to infrastructure development in Canada and the need for a faster, less disruptive and more environmentally friendly alternative to trenching. Our growth is fueled by trust.

Business Philosophy: Dissemination of information, both historic and new, with the aim of achieving the Best Operating Principals & Practices for HDD.

Striving to endless growth and progression, Directional Drilling Projects intends to maintain sustainability in each and every field entered.

Underground drilling has proven to be the most efficient, cost-effective and timely way to install small, large or multiple conduits with the least disruption. Cable Gold’s horizontal drilling is a trenchless solution for underground installations that can drill under obstacles and won’t disturb the surface of the ground.

Cable Gold Group of Companies has a proven ability to deliver high quality projects across the Globe. We have extensive experience with large scale projects across North America, West Africa, and diverse worldwide locations.

However, we are mainly operating in Western Canada, Cable Gold is an industry leader positioned to take on diverse projects from short utility bores to major engineered Crossings. We are the experts you need to plan and execute your directional drilling and Engineering projects safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Benefits to horizontal drilling include

  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Takes half the time as conventional trenching methods
  • Saves on excavation, shoring and reinstatement costs. There’s no need to level and replace or match pre-existing ground surfaces!
  • Removes the possibility of trenching-related accidents
  • All-weather technology able to operate year-round
  • Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruption such as golf courses, airports, along roadways and difficult site conditions

Cable Gold is accomplished in completing a wide range of horizontal directional drilling services, from major water course crossings to short back alley service shots. We have successfully completed bores over 1,000 meters (3,280 ft) in length and 900 mm (36”) in diameter.

Our fleet of drills include:

  • Vermeer 220×300 (one)
  • Vermeer 100×120 (two)
  • Ditchwitch 100 AT (one)
  • Vermeer 80×100 (two)
  • Ditchwitch 8020 (one)
  • Vermeer 40×55 (two)
  • Vermeer 36×50 (four)
  • Vermeer 20×22 (two)
  • Vermeer 9×13 (one)
  • Vermeer 7×11 (two)

We are experienced in hard formation drilling, offering both traditional mud motor drilling services and the Ditch witch 100 All Terrain drill, designed specifically to drill in rock formation with less fluid, helping reduce frac out risk.

We can provide full drill mud recycling systems which helps cut down on drilling fluid disposal costs and reduces freshwater use.

To ensure the accuracy of our drilling, we offer top of the line steering systems including the Digitrak Falcon F5 wireless locating system which includes datalogging of the drill profile and fluid pressure monitoring. It also offers dual frequency bands, helping to overcome passive and active interference, meaning we can maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including:

  • Traffic signal loops
  • Overhead power
  • Concrete with rebar

For engineered horizontal directional drill, we offer the Paratrack 2 wireline guidance system to ensure the accuracy required to successfully complete the pilot hole at deeper depths than capable with wireless systems.