Health and Safety

Cable Gold Inc, is committed to an extensive Health and Safety Program, reflected by our outstanding safety performance record and ISNetworld member criteria.

Cable Gold Inc, corporate policy establishes clear lines of responsibility for safety, from general managers to front-line supervisors. Our specific programs range from identified job training requirements to mandatory attendance for ACSA Safety Training.

Management proudly operates a Safety Awards Incentive Program that allows workers to receive awards based on their safety record on all Cable Gold Inc, Utilities sites.


  • New hires and employees new to the site require orientations.

Hazard Analysis

  • Project manager arranges a team-based hazard analysis identifying any potential critical activities and a means to control the hazards.

Emergency Plan and Procedure

  • Reviewing the client’s emergency plans and incorporating/communicating them to the onsite organization. Review and communicate the procedures with all employees during safety meetings including posting information in all frequented areas.


  • Entire site operates under one unified safety program.
  • Subcontractors and their employees fall under the Company’s Health & Safety & Environment Program.
  • Subcontractors and their employees receive orientation.
  • Subcontractor employees participate in site training meetings and inspections

Safety Meetings

  • Daily Toolbox Talks – Prior to any work, hazards are identified, and a means of control is communicated specific. If the scope changes the toolbox talk is initiated again. Any hazards that are identified items will be communicated to the superintendent and monitored for correction.
  • Weekly Safety meeting – attendance mandatory.
  • Weekly Sub-contractor – Site Safety Coordinator attends meetings to ensure that any vital information is communicated.


  • Continuous – Performed by Site Safety Coordinator / Supervision / Management any time a walk-about is performed.
  • Weekly – Formal, performed utilizing hourly employees on a rotating basis.
  • Monthly – performed by Safety Health and Environmental Manager and reported directly to upper management.


  • Performed on all near miss, first aids, medical aids and property damage incidents.
  • Near Miss Reporting: Serious incidents are communicated to all employees via a Safety Alert and reviewed.
  • Behaviour Observation: Behaviour-based safety program utilizing the observation / intervention technique.
  • Client Requirement: Special needs reviewed / plan developed.


  • Injury: All injuries are recorded and tracked. This data is further evaluated, and appropriate controls are implemented. Data is provided to the client for their tracking systems. All sub trades are logged and tracked for compliance and actions taken.
  • Evacuation: All data recorded is evaluated for patterns. This data is reviewed by management for feedback and further actions.
  • Behaviour Base Safety observation cards are reviewed and addressed when submitted and entered in a data base for future analysis.

Cable Gold Inc, has a full time HSE team committed to ensuring we operate with a continued focus on safety, ensuring all of our employees and yours go home safely each day.

Our Safety Philosophy

Cable Gold Inc has embraced a safety culture that reaches beyond an employee’s regular workday to encompass all aspects of our lifestyles. – Safety 24/7- reflects the company philosophy that our employees keep safety in the workplace and in their home lives every day. To reinforce this ideology, the Company dedicates time in each safety meeting outside of day-to-day operation reviews to discuss employee suggested safety topics outside the scope of Company related work.

An open-door concept is encouraged in all facets of our operations and is a focal point during the onboarding process for any new employee. All employee levels from senior management to a short service employee are given the opportunity to speak freely with any questions or suggestions he or she might have to assist in the safety of themselves or the surrounding employees and persons.

Keeping a – Safety 24/7- mindset is the framework behind Cable Gold Inc’s Health and Safety program that meets the ultimate goals and objectives of keeping our people and those around them safe while providing our customers with a quality finished product and the knowing that Cable Gold Inc’s is a Company that can be relied on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the job done safely.

We are COR certified and operate on the following client share safety management systems:

  • Avetta
  • ISNetworld
  • Complyworks
  • Contractor Compliance
  • CQN Advantage

Mission Statement

With a strong vision for the future and fueled by a dedicated employee base, we are committed to being industry leaders in providing outstanding service in a safe and cost-effective manner.