Hydro Vac Services

Vacuum excavation – also known as Hydro Excavation – are now fast becoming the preferred method for safe excavation works. This is especially the case when there are hidden underground services.

Vacuum excavation trucks use an extremely high-pressure hose to cut into the ground causing the earth to fall apart while the pipe sucks up the material matter at the same time. This eliminates the risk of damage which may ordinarily have occurred by using other machinery to dig. It can clean around the services giving a clear line of sight for bigger machinery to then come in and do their work without damaging the services found. It reduces any disruptions to the services worked on and saves costly time and repair from services being damaged by bigger machinery.

We have a fleet purpose-built trucks comprising of the following fleet: King Vac 14,000 Ltr spoil, 8,000 Ltr spoil, 7,000 Ltr spoil, 5,000 Ltr spoil, 3,000 Ltr spoil and 1,000 Ltr spoil, others available on request.

Our Vacuum Excavations services include:

  • Potholing (to locate services)
  • specialising in strip trenching
  • Substation Digging for power authorities and contractors
  • Digging (trenching, postholes, power poles, pits, footings, etc)
  • Roping Conduit
  • Drain Pit and Pipe Cleanout (incl Jetting)
  • Cable and underground assets Locations
  • Spoil Removal
  • Soils and Debris removal (cleanups)
  • Fire Hydrant Maintenance

For some projects it’s necessary to directly access underground cables or utilities, and HydroVac is the right solution. When this is the case you want an experienced Cable Gold crew at the helm to ensure the job is done with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Our crews are experienced with:

  • Daylighting, potholing, trenching and slot trenching
  • Fluid and cutting management
  • Excavation and safe exposure of utilities
  • Bore support/land spreading
  • Dewatering
  • Pile excavations
  • Flushing/thawing of pipe and conduits
  • Boiler work
  • Remote hose accessible
  • Environmental remediation
  • Contaminated and non-contaminated dumping

Hydro excavation is a safe, cost-effective and non-destructive digging method used for locating underground services where the area is unknown. This applies in areas where the assets have not been identified on site plans or where the risk of damage is high.

Cable Gold Inc. offers quick and effective hydro excavation services to fit your business needs and urgency. Our hydro vac uses either a combo unit or a standard vacuum truck with a trailer-mounted high pressure water unit depending on the job size. Due to its non-mechanical ground entry, the hydro vac requires no digging permit and can be deployed relatively quickly.

Hydro excavation presents several clear advantages over other digging methods like jackhammers, drills and excavators such as:

  • The depth, speed and digging area are more easily controlled
  • No digging permit required as it utilises a non-mechanical ground entry
  • Can be deployed in hours
  • Reduces damage risk to underground assets such as cables and other site services
  • Can be done 30 to 50 meters away from the roadside or access areas

Cable Gold Inc. hydro excavation services are commonly used in a wide variety of industries in both remote areas and metro locations. Our industrial digging services are regularly employed for government projects, municipal councils, construction, rail network and telecommunication industries for:

  • Network remediation work
  • New pit and pole installations
  • Identification of underground services, such as water pipes and sewerage, telecommunication cables and power cables

Unlike traditional digging methods such as hand digging, hydro vacuum excavations are much faster and more effective, taking minutes compared to hours using traditional methods. Hydrovac excavation services are also safer and much more accurate as the digging speed, depth and area can be controlled much more easily, reducing the risk of damaging other assets.

Post hole digging

Cable Gold Inc. hydro vacuum excavation services can also be used to create holes for utility pole insertions. Poles created may be friction piles or end-bearing piles, depending on the need.

Trench excavation/sump and drainage sinkage

Cable Gold Inc. also utilises hydro excavation for trench excavation and sump and drainage sinkage. The ground area where pipe work, cables or drainage sumps and systems are removed by utilising water and vacuum instead of manual and automated digging machines.