Project Management

The team of experts at Cable Gold understand the complexities of your project and can make it happen. We have the solutions you need to manage your project from design phase to service activation and beyond.

We manage the entire process through a single point of contact to make your experience easy and simple. With guaranteed timelines we deliver the necessary approvals to make sure your system is up and running when you need it to be.

Our project management services include:

  • Site engineering
  • CAD drawing services
  • Pre-survey & design-build solutions
  • Trenching excavation
  • Horizontal directional drilling & backbone cabling
  • Splicing & terminating fiber and copper cables

Strategic Resource Planning

Cable Gold streamlines the process of finding the right resource for the right project. Project managers can always see conflicting assignments and utilization levels, meaning in-the-moment decisions about resourcing take account of the bigger picture. That includes the impact of splitting or extending assignments on project margin.

They chose Cable Gold because its seamless connection with Salesforce CRM meant they could work on all their projects in one place, giving them one consistent data source where they could track purchase orders, change orders, and resource assignments across all their projects.

Manage projects with an eye on the bottom line.

Cable Gold provides users the tools they need to run projects that satisfy both customers and the business.

Not only do project managers get access to project collaboration and portfolio management capabilities with Cable Gold, but they also get valuable insight into:

  • Projects the sales team is working on selling
  • Other work that resources on the project are committed to
  • Impacts of changes to scope, timeline or resources on project financials