Outside Plant (OSP)

Cable Gold is proud of our outstanding track record in handling all aspects of fiber optic installations. From small projects to large, your data network will be up and running smoothly for years to come.

The rare combination of Construction and fibre expertise.

Our trusted work includes:

  • We use high quality, industry standard products only
  • Our team is experienced and dedicated to high-quality workmanship
  • OSP infrastructure survey
  • OSP telecommunications engineering
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Fiber Optic backbone and long-haul cable placement and splicing
  • Ribbon splicing
  • FTTX splicing
  • Advanced fiber optic testing and troubleshooting
  • High count copper splicing
  • Fiber optic termination, certification and testing
  • Single and multi-mode fiber cabling
  • Fiber optic cable testing and certification
  • Terminations (ST-SC-LC-MTRJ connectors)

We have significant experience and an excellent track record in handling all aspects of fiber optics installations. Cable Gold Inc. is proud to have acquired contracts throughout Canada, Ghana and the US.

We use high quality, industry standard products only. Your data network will be running smoothly for years to come.

One of Canada’s largest outside plant construction organizations, with an extensive fleet and highly trained staff.

We excel at partnerships.

A key reason for our continued growth is our ability to develop, maintain and expand partnerships. Whether we are managing the entire project or working within a team of other providers our ability to make things better is globally recognized. It’s one of the primary reasons that multi-national communications firms come back time and time again to get us to help deliver their most important projects.

Our strong relationships with subcontractors allow us to invest in partnerships to increase our capacity and complete larger projects. Are you a turn-key solution looking for a partner to complete practical pieces of your project? We have the assets and experience to make sure your work is done right and finished on time.